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Gluten-free and organic. It’s who we are, not what it is...


...And owners Steve Marino and Arjan (Andy) Khiani are about that life. Together they live organic and gluten-free personally and, through Steve & Andy’s Organics, professionally. The two met over twenty years ago while individually excelling in their creative careers of beauty and fashion. As each other’s confidant, they soon discovered a mutual passion for food and cooking, often co-creating meals for friends and family. Steve brought all of his Italian-Canadian baking prowess and Andy, a world of spices and flavors from his birth country of India.

In February 2012, Steve and Andy launched Steve & Andy’s Organics. What began with one product line – candied organic orange and lemon peels – has grown into preserves, cookies, flour and more; all organic, all gluten free, some even vegan. Every day Steve and Andy relish the opportunity to create more clean foods for customers looking to live a more sustainable life.


Steve & Andy’s Organics is a unique amalgamation of unforgettable food memories, family traditions and worldly flavors, establishing Steve and Andy as innovative food entrepreneurs.

Come join the journey.


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Don’t read the label...


We at Steve & Andy’s are not afraid to toot our own horn. So much so, we suggest you don’t even read the label. How’s that?! You have more important things to do, but while we have you for this moment, take a gander at what we are most proud to offer you:



We use only the highest quality organic ingredients rich in antioxidants and omegas.



We do not use chemicals, artificial ingredients, synthetic colors or other harmful ingredients.



All packaging is 100% recyclable.



We clearly state the precise organic content.



We give back a percentage of our profits to protect the environment and support outstanding environmental campaigns.



All of our products are certified USDA organic, gluten-free, GMO-free.



So, when we say, “don’t read the label”, that means you can rest assured nothing goes into our products that is not “green”... see, we told you!


You’re good ‘cause we’re good

Now let’s be good together! Find your favorite Steve & Andy’s Organics food here and, if you just can’t wait, find a store near you...we totally understand.